My friends who have had babies have told me that when you first feel the baby move it will feel like butterfly flutters or gas. I was looking forward to this particular moment, since once again it would even more confirm that there was a baby in my belly. Ha!

The first time I felt the baby move was a few weeks ago. I was not sure what the feeling was at first, so I sort of dismissed it. The feeling was similar to when someone lightly and briefly touches your skin. A few days later, I felt the same flutter. I did not dismiss it this time. I was so excited to have felt the baby! I told Joel right away. I so wish that he can feel it too!

I decided to conduct an experiment. Since the baby seems to be moving mostly while I am in bed trying to fall sleep, I told Joel that we both have to get into bed at the same time and that he had to put his hand on my belly right away. I was sure that it was going to work. The baby did move, but unfortunately he could not feel it. It is very strange to me since it feels pretty strongly on my belly.

I look forward to the time when both of us can feel it.

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