20 weeks 3 days and other discoveries

I am officially halfway through my pregnancy! Every time I think about it, it seems so amazing that I am so far along. It seems like just yesterday I found out that I was pregnant. Aside from being halfway, I have a few new discoveries to share.

My belly at 20 weeks.

I found out earlier in the week that my aversion to chocolate is gone. YAY!! Just like that… poof! I discovered it by chance. I came back from lunch and I was really craving something sweet. I happen to have some chocolate at my desk, so I decided to try it. I took a bite and oh how good it tasted!! 🙂 I was so excited! I ended up eating 2 pieces.


Another discovery is that we found out the sex of the baby. It’s a girl!! I was ecstatic when I found out. I must admit that I secretly wished that it was a girl. Of course I would have been just as happy if it was a boy, but this is perfect. Joel was excited too, but perhaps not as much as I was. He really did not have a preference on the sex of the baby, so this was perfect for him too.

The ultrasound was fun too. The baby has grown a bunch since the last ultrasound and it actually made it a little difficult to identify things. It was good that the ultrasound technician was pointing things out to us as she was seeing them. Even when she told us the sex of the baby we were a little baffled since we could not really see what she was referring to. The baby was in a ball-like position with her back facing towards the front of the belly. When she told us the sex, the position of the baby was not exactly a good one, so we had to ask the ultrasound technician if she was sure or if she was simply predicting it. She reassured us that it truly was a girl.

Curled up in a ball.

I still feel great. I went for a run the other day, since it was 60 degrees out. How can I pass up the opportunity to run outside in warm weather!?! The run was good, except that my belly was a little bouncy. I will have to find a solution for that. 🙂

4 responses to “20 weeks 3 days and other discoveries

  1. Lynne

    You so totally look pregnant now! Love that belly. 🙂
    I believe there are belly supporters of a sort that you could wear when you run. At least I somehow remember something like that from the dinosaur ages when I was pregnant with Joel. LOL….it wasn’t THAT long ago now, was it?

    So glad you are feeling well and able to keep up your active self. Just remember, Sweatpea is getting used to lots of movement…you’re gonna have to keep her busy when she is no longer riding along inside you!

    I see a rocking chair, running stroller, backpack…. in your future!

    • veronicabenzing

      Ooo… I’ll have to check out the belly supporter. I have a belly band that is supposed to help keep your pans up if wearing regular jeans, so I was thinking of trying that. I want her to be active once she is born, so this is a preview for her. HAHA!

  2. Zsófi

    You look gorgeous! Really pretty and so lovely with your belly… And her feet! Sweeeeet! :o)

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