26 weeks and 6 days

I am once again slacking with the belly shots. Here we are again the day before the end of my week, and I am just posting it. 😦 Joel snapped the below belly shot yesterday.

Belly shot at 26 weeks and 5 days.

Things have been great still. It was super nice out on Thursday and Friday so I managed to walk/run/hike both days on the Crescent Trail, which is very close to our house. The trail seemed more cushiony than the trails in Mendon Ponds, so I was able to run for a bit. It felt so nice to be out! Unfortunately, the weather has once again turned for the worse. It actually snowed a bunch today… crazy!!

The girl has been kicking a bunch still. A few of her kicks have gotten a bit more powerful. Apparently she is now the size of a cucumber (15 inches and 2.2 lbs), so this is probably the reason. It’s such a crazy feeling, even after all these months that I have been feeling her. Joel has felt her kick a few times too. We both cannot wait for the kicks to be even more pronounced so he can better feel her kicks. 🙂

My belly is definitely feeling larger. I can’t seem to eat much anymore. I have to eat smaller and smaller portions. Sometimes I forget to do that and then I feel super full. I just can’t help it though especially when the dish that I am eating is super. 😦

No progress to report on the nursery. We are doing a little upgrading in the kitchen, adding new ceiling lights, so we have been busy with that. We hope to start the nursery soon.

I have been having a few sad and anxious episodes lately. I am still feeling nervous about the whole delivery part. I have a wonderful Doula, which has been giving me reading material as preparation, but after reading a few papers, I got super nervous and my emotions overwhelmed me. I am so glad that I will have Joel and her by my side, since I will need all the support that I can get. Those pesky hormones have gotten the best of me a few times lately. Sometimes tears just fall out for no reason whatsoever. Apparently this is very common when being pregnant, but it is kind of crazy, since it is such an uncontrollable phenomenon. I am aware that I am an emotional person, but how much more emotional can one get. Ha! 🙂

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