23 weeks and 5 days

The past week has been fairly busy, since we have started to select nursery furniture and registry items. It has been fun but a bit stressful at the same time. We are almost done with it, which feels great. We have even selected a few paint colors. I am excited to start decorating the nursery.

I am still feeling good. I do feel like my belly is larger than it used to be, which it is. HA! Below is a photo of my belly.

I seem to not be able to eat as much as I used to anymore. I feel super full after a small meal. I am trying to eat more often rather than have a standard meal, but sometimes that does not work out too well.

We also had an ultrasound this past week. During the last ultrasound, the baby’s back was facing my belly, so we were not able to see her chest and face. We did not have too much luck this time either. She was facing the correct way, but she was being super shy. We did get a peak of her face, very briefly, before she placed her hand right on top of her face. 🙂 We tried a few other times, but the photos did not come out too well. I did get a good shot though. Check it out!

She is definitely a yogi. HAHA! This was our last ultrasound, which kind of stinks. I guess I will have to wait until July to see her again.

I have not biked at all this week since the weather has turned for the worse. Actually, this is how March in Rochester should be, so really, I should not be complaining. The nearly 80 degree weather did feel super though. Something to look forward to. I did go for a long walk last Sunday with my friend Kristin. We ended up walking for about an hour and a half. I must admit that I got tired. Actually, my legs were the ones that got tired. I am not sure what to do about that. I guess I will just have to walk a shorter distance next time. I have also been meaning to try trail running, but since it has been pretty rainy lately, I have not tried it yet.

I am still taking the restorative yoga class, which has been super! My yoga instructor Carla is really nice to me, showing me pregnancy fitting poses while she is teaching others in the class. I am so glad that I am taking the class, since I believe that it will help me greatly when the baby is ready to come out and meet me.

Our sweet pea received her first gift! A few of my girlfriends and I went to the Brown Hound Bistro in Naples for breakfast not that long ago and we found the cutest onesie. All of us loved it and my friend Cindy actually bought it for her. SO nice of Cindy!! I cannot wait for her to wear it. 🙂

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