25 weeks and 6 days

I am very excited to mention that I had the chance to ride my bike again on Saturday! It was not the warmest day, but it was warm enough. Joel was sweet enough to come with me. I am trying not to ride by myself, just in case.

I must say that it felt great still! My balance is still fine and I can pedal just as well as I did before on the flatter roads and rolling hills. There was one caveat though… Joel decided that we should ride from home instead of my idea to drive to Powder Mills Park, which is literally 2 minutes away from the house, and ride from there. The reason behind my idea was to avoid riding up Garnsey Rd on the way back home, which is a pretty steep hill. I have not ridden much this year, so I did not think that I was ready for Garnsey Rd. But I decided that it was pretty silly to drive to the park, so we rode from home.

Belly shot at 25 weeks and 4 days.

So I did not actually ride up Garnsey the entire way… I took a shortcut on Hardwood Hill, which is located right before the steepest section of Garnsey. Hardwood Hill is still steep at the start, but only for a short stretch and then it flattens a bit. It was ok riding up the steep hill, but it felt different than before being pregnant. It is a bit difficult to explain the feeling. It almost felt as if my core muscles were non-existent, which to some extent is true. My hip flexors seemed to be working harder than usual too. I could not stand up either since it felt as if my legs were not strong enough to hold me up, especially when going up such a steep hill. I know that the fact that I have not ridden very much is part of it, but riding while being pregnant definitely changes things… for me at least. I also think that I was a bit nervous about pushing too hard, since I was afraid that I would pull something in my belly.

I am very happy with my riding, even though it did not feel the best riding up the hill. But I should not be too surprised since as usual hills don’t like me and I don’t like them. HA!

Aside from riding, I also managed to go for a 45 minute walk on Sunday. It was rainy most of the day, but the sun came out around 5:00 pm. It was great! My neighborhood is filled with spring blooming trees, which made the walk even more enjoyable. I am obsessed. They are so beautiful!

I am very glad that I can still be active even though I am almost 26 weeks pregnant. I hope that it stays this way the rest of the pregnancy!

The baby is growing just fine, which is evident by my belly shots. 🙂 She is moving a fair amount, which is exciting. I love feeling her move. Joel has been able to feel her move more too. In fact, the other day he placed his ear on my belly and she kicked in the exact same spot where his ear was. It was hilarious! The funniest part was that a few seconds before she kicked I told Joel how funny it would be is she kicked his ear. 🙂

I have also started to play some music for her. Well, I always listen to music, but her listening sections were a bit more concentrated. Yes, I have been placing headphones on my belly. 🙂

Listening to some Radiohead...

So far she has listened to some Radiohead (of course!!) and some Melanie Laurent (everyone needs some French music sometimes!). She has liked both, since she kicked a fair amount during those times. I also think that she loves to listen to drums. We went to a Jazz show on Saturday night and during the drum solos she kicked a bunch. Joel was pretty excited about that. 🙂

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