31 weeks and 2 days

As of today, I have only 2 months to go. So crazy!! Time has flown by.

Things are still going great! I had my checkup the other day and everything is fine. I am measuring great and the girl seems to be healthy. Apparently she is over 16 inches long and she weighs about 3.3 pounds. During my checkup, my doctor tried to help me identify her position in my belly, since I always feel a few spots but have no idea what they are. She guessed that her head was towards the bottom of my belly, her bum was near my belly button, and her feet were somewhere towards the bottom right of my belly. But I think that she moves a ton so I am not sure how true that is from day to day. 🙂

We have been busy with getting the house ready for a baby shower this coming weekend, so I have not done too much as far as exercising. I did get the chance to hike and garden this past weekend, and go for a bike ride yesterday.

This past weekend, our cycling friends hosted a BBQ shower for us at Ontario County Park. The BBQ was so nice!! We had a great time! How could you not when you are surrounded by amazing friends and scenery! The park is at the top of Gannett Hill Rd, which is one of the infamous hills that we try to conquer while cycling (I did conquer it 3 times so far), so the view is just amazing! It was also a super nice day with a wall to wall blue sky and sunshine. It was a perfect day! And I even got to hike for about an hour. Kristin, Joel, and I drove to the park a bit early and hiked one of the numerous trails available in the park.

Kristin and I at OCP.

Aside from hiking and working around the house, I also did a bit more gardening. I decided to have planters on our deck, so off to the garden store I went. I came home with a bunch of flowers. I think that I over did it a bit, but I found some unique flowers, so I could not resist. 🙂 The deck looks so nice now! We are ready for some BBQs and relaxation! 🙂

Gardening… My belly at 30 weeks and 5 days.

The last thing that I would like to mention is my bike ride that I did last evening. It was pretty good. The route was 24 miles, which ended up a bit too much for me. I got really tired around mile 20 and I was ready to be done. Also, I really miss my regular cycling shorts and I can definitely feel the pressure of the new weight. I was getting pretty uncomfortable on the saddle during the ride, even though I stood up a bunch of times. Also, since the bike fit is pretty aggressive, I was bent forwards a fair amount. The girl was pushing on the right side of my belly, so I had to stretch a few times. I kept massaging the side and telling her to move over a bit and she eventually did. She is so nice to me!! 🙂 Nevertheless, it was still a good ride and the weather was perfect, so I was glad to be out. Also, in the earlier stages of my pregnancy, I kept thinking and hoping that I would be able to ride as much as possible throughout my pregnancy. So here I am at 7 months and I am still doing it… I am excited about that. I hope that I will still be able to ride as the weeks go by. (Ride stats: 24 miles, 14.1 average)

Après-ride… My belly at 31 weeks at 1 day.

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