35 weeks and 2 days

It seems crazy that I am already 35 weeks and 2 days! It’s getting closer and closer.

My belly at 34 weeks and 5 days.

The girl is still doing well… moving a ton. As I mentioned in my last post, her movements are a lot more pronounced than before. A foot or an elbow pops up pretty frequently on the left side of my belly. I always rub it and she moves it but then puts it back in the same place. So fun!! 🙂 I have also felt her entire body on either side of my belly. This usually happens in the morning when I get out of bed. You can tell that she is curled up and her back is to the front of my belly. It’s so funny to see her where she is hanging out from day to day. I also feel a lot of movement on the lower side of my belly. Sometimes the movements are a bit painful, since she is pushing on my bladder and everything else that is down there.

I have an ultrasound and a checkup appointment tomorrow. During my last checkup, the nurse practitioner who measured my belly indicated that my belly size has not grown since my last appointment. I don’t know how that is possible since I feel like my belly is humongous. 😦 I am excited to have the ultrasound though, since I will get to see her again. 🙂 Hopefully she is in the correct position.

We’ve been pretty busy this past week again. Joel is trying to get the nursery ready to be painted. He’s been working very hard to prep it. It is finally ready to be painted. My mom and dad graciously offered to help us paint. The paining will start on Saturday.

I managed to go for a bike ride last week. My friend Jane rode with me once again. We just rode for about 50 minutes, which ended up being about 9.5 miles. We were chatty and just took it easy. I am again very glad that I can still ride. The distance was perfect since I am still riding my new bike and the saddle was getting uncomfortable around the time that we arrived back to the parking lot. I was unable to ride this week since the temperatures have been in the 90s and humid every day. I did go for an hour hike on Monday evening with my friend Kristin. That was a nice evening, since it was not too hot.

I will not ride this coming week either, since Joel and I have passes to the Jazz Festival, so we will be there every night starting on Friday night until next Saturday night. 🙂 It’s definitely fun, but I will have to see if I can handle going to it everyday. Last year we got pretty tired towards the end of the festival. Being 35 weeks pregnant will add to the tiredness. We’ll see.

The last thing that I would like to mention is my food craving. A few weeks ago we went to the Tap & Mallet for dinner and Joel ordered a burger. I have not eaten beef in about 10 years. For some reason (well… I know why), his burger looked really tasty so I asked him for a bite. It really was tasty but I cold not get myself to order one. Plus my food already arrived, so I could not have changed it anyway. So a few days ago, while grocery shopping, I decided to purchase some organic grass fed beef. We made burgers out of it. Oh my! It tasted so good! I cannot believe that I actually ate a burger! Crazy!! I am not sure if I will eat it again. If I do, it will have to be made out of the same beef and grilled by Joel. 🙂

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