weird fishes/arpeggi

Julia’s nap routine sometimes goes something like this… her eyelids become reddish, she starts this fake cry, and her body squirms. So I swaddle her and play/sing her favorite song to her, “Weird Fishes” by Radiohead, as I rock her on my legs. By the time “All I Need” comes on, she is usually asleep.

I always wondered if what everyone said about the music that you play to babies who are in the womb is true… do they really recognize it or remember it? I did play lots of music to Julia while I was pregnant by placing headphones on my belly… Radiohead, JayMay, Florence and The Machine, Ben Howard, Damien Rice, and Melanie Laurent, just to name a few. She responded to all of the music by kicking or moving. She also listened to lots of dance music, since I hosted the “Friday Afternoon Dance Party” at work. 🙂 And she was exposed to a ton of jazz before she was born, since Joel and I went to the Rochester International Jazz Festival in June, which lasted 9 days.

I remember the first time I played JayMay to her when she was a only few weeks old. She was fussy and tired. As soon as the first song came on, she became quiet and seemed to listen to the song. She had the same reaction to when I played Ben Howard to her. But the most profound reaction has been the “Weird Fishes” song by Radiohead. It must be because I played it pretty often… it is one of may favorite Radiohead songs. So I guess it is true that they recognize the music once they are born. That’s pretty incredible!

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