19 weeks

I am 19 weeks today! It is crazy to think that I am already 19 weeks. Below is a photo of my belly.

I have been feeling great still. I went for a run yesterday after work and it felt great. My food aversions have not changed… still the same old, same old.

One last thing that I would like to mention is that I have officially graduated to maternity clothing… well, for pants at least. A couple of my old jeans were still kind of ok, but they were getting uncomfortable around the waist area. I found myself at the Gap a few weeks ago, only to find out that they do not sell any maternity clothing in the store. Bummer! How is one supposed to try stuff on, especially pants/jeans?? And how is one supposed to know what size to get?? After speaking to the nice woman at the store, she advised me to order the same size as I was before being pregnant. “There is no way that I will fit in my old size!!”, I thought to myself. I ended up ordering a few pairs of jeans, two in my old size and one in one size bigger. Sure enough, my old size fit the best. Who would have thought! The jeans are super cute and you cannot even tell that they are maternity jeans. My co-worker Nicole attested to this matter. 🙂 I am wearing the skinny jeans in the belly photos.

If you are wondering why I started taking my photos in the bathroom, it is because it has the best lighting in the house at night. 🙂

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