37 weeks and 1 day

I have really been slacking about posting. 😦 I have good reasons (or excuses??). We have been working on the nursery and around the house for the past few weeks. Also, last week we spent pretty much every evening at the Jazz Festival. We saw a total of 22 shows. It was fun, but also a bit tiring. But the festival is over and the nursery is nearly complete. The furniture arrived yesterday and Joel even assembled the crib. Since today is 4th of July, both of us are off from work, so it’s the perfect day to finish the nursery.

My belly at 35 weeks and 5 days.

The girl is doing well. I had an ultrasound a week ago and her heart rate is perfect and she seems to be growing perfectly as well. One thing that is not so perfect is the fact that she is breech. I was pretty upset when I found out since I would really love to have a natural birth. So, I have been trying all sorts of remedies to get her to turn. I have been laying upside down, performing spinal waves, swaying on a ball, relaxing in a pool, pointing the flashlight towards the lower part of my belly, and playing music also at the lower part of my belly. The midwife at the OB suggested that I visit a chiropractor. I had my first visit yesterday and he noticed that my left hip was not perfectly aligned, so he adjusted it. Also, the ligament near my right hip was super tight, which explains the pains that I am experiencing with my right hip. He also massaged the ligament in order for it to loosen as well as my lower back. It definitely helped. I feel a bit better. I am hoping that these things will help turn her. She does seem to be moving differently than before so maybe it is working. I was told that they have had a 95% success rate at having breech babies turn, so keep your fingers crossed.

My belly at 37 weeks and 1 day.

Aside from the hip pain, I am feeling fine still. My feet have been swelling a bit due to the hot weather. It is getting more difficult to alleviate the swelling, especially when I am at work. My belly does feel even heavier than before as well and I do get tired more easily. But this will soon come to an end. I am looking forward to meeting my girl!!

We did finish the nursery today. I really love the way it turned out!! The only thing missing are some wall decorations. Perhaps some photos will do. I will have to see. 🙂


3 responses to “37 weeks and 1 day

  1. This is interesting! I kind of like the idea of sharing the wonderful journey of motherhood. It’s amazing,that show’s how great women are!! Thanks.

  2. You are looking great, congrats!! I’m also a new mother and enjoying the journey! Best, Kellie

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