first trimester screening (13 weeks 3 days)

I was very excited and nervous about this particular day. This was the checkup that was going to tell us if the baby does or does not have any genetic disorders, such as down syndrome. I had no idea what to expect. Since my family is from Romania, the family medical history is unknown, really. My mom only knows some history, but it only spans to her grandparents. Same goes for Joel’s family. Aside from that, I was excited that I will be able to once again see the baby.

The tests came out really good, so we were super relieved! And the baby was, again, just great!

It was amazing how much the baby has grown again since the last ultrasound, which was only a few weeks apart. You can now see the spine and vertebrae. The toes and fingers are also visible. Same goes for the nose and chin. So adorable!! 🙂

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